Rene Furterer

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Rene Furterer

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Healthy Scalp, Beautiful hair

The René Furterer brand is built on the philosophy of its eponymous founder who believed that “beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp, like a plant in fertile soil.”  René Furterer products are therefore aimed at treating multiple scalp and hair conditions, including hair loss, oily scalp and damaged hair.

Combining the best of nature with pharmaceutical expertise, René Furterer products are formulated with 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts which are rigorously selected for their specific treatment qualities, while providing a relaxing and luxurious sensorial experience with the sophisticated fragrance of essential oils.

Start your healthy scalp and beautiful hair ritual today. 

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A Story Born of Nature

The René Furterer story began with one man’s firm conviction: the world of botany is brimming with the vital ingredients for restoring the original strength and beauty of hair.

René Furterer spent his boyhood in a village in Provence, France, and his senses were sharpened from an early age to the fragrances and colours that would inspire his future formulas. Years later, young René Furterer was working as a hairdresser in his wife’s Parisian hair salon and encountered women who longed for the platinum blonde curls of icon Marilyn Monroe. However, no products at the time were able to repair the damaged caused by so many styling techniques.

He devised a solution in the form of the Karité nourishing mask, which is still available today, to revitalise and repair even the most damaged hair. He then went on to create Complexe 5, another product still available today and is one of our star products, a miraculous elixir of essential oils that has become an indispensable step in the hair care regime.


The René Furterer Philosophy and Method

René Furterer believes in the vision of “Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, just like a plant in fertile soil.”

In 1957, René Furterer created a method he called Etheriology, an original philosophy built around a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. He began practicing this approach in his first hair spa in Paris by developing a 3-phase method of “Prepare, Cleanse, and Treat”, which offers a customised treatment ritual based on techniques meticulously selected according to a sophisticated preliminary diagnosis.

3-step-ritual_v2The preparation phase involves stimulating the scalp with the aforementioned Complexe 5, a pre-shampoo scalp treatment. The 2nd phase – “Cleanse” – uses a shampoo suited to the scalp’s specific condition. The 3rd and final phase – “Treat” – introduces a deep treatment for the scalp and hair. For the very first time, women experienced and unparalleled, stimulating and revitalising journey with natural, rich and custom-made hair care products. And thus, the recipe for exquisite hair was created. 


Nature's Interpreter

René Furterer continued to push boundaries. He was the first to create plant-based hair care products offering the luxury of being both effective and highly appealing to the sense. He selected rare and precious essential oils, and transformed these plants into a nectar, enhancing their therapeutic powers. Each essential oil was chose to offer a specific sensory experience based on its virtues.


Primarily processed in France, these plant-based active ingredients are transformed into effective formulas obtained through unique expertise that respects the environment. René Furterer was awarded the ISO 140001 certification – a systematic framework to manage the immediate and long-term environmental impacts of an organisation’s products, services and processes.

The René Furterer brand seeks to responsibly transform and enhance nature with the certified “Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre” approach. All the brand’s innovations therefore respect, protect and preserve the plant world.


A Fair Trade Approach

RENE FURTERER-instagram-style-post-reveal-02e_52291We apply a Fair Trade, Supportive and Accountable Sourcing approach for our procurement of plants.The finest example of the brand’s commitment is the creation of 4 supply chains:

  • Shea Butter – The ethical sourcing of shea butter with a small company from Burkina Faso called SOTOKACC, established 10 years ago
  • Mornings – René Furterer has undertaken the cultivation of mornings in Madagascar with SEAR (the Ranopiso Farming Company)
  • Argan – René Furterer has made genuine investments in Moroccan cooperatives that produce Argan oil
  • Pfaffia – Also known as Brazilian ginseng. Through its fair trade supply chain for its roots, René Furterer is committed to improving the quality of life for small producers in Parana, Brazil.

With the creation of these supply chains, René Furterer and its botanists have succeeded in making their quest for precious key ingredients a valuable human experience, focused on sharing knowledge and respecting traditional methods.


Haute Coiffure

René Furterer also regards high-end hairstyling as a perfect embodiment of hair’s beauty. The brand’s creative talent is thus expressed in hair fashion shows, where inspiring and dazzling styles are paraded on the catwalks of France and throughout the world. Through these collaborations, René Furterer encourages artistic creation and strengthens the ties naturally woven between fashion and hair.

René Furterer’s clients have always appreciated his fervent attention to not only how their hair looks, but also the scalp’s overall health. With a wide variety of exquisite products to suit different hair and scalp needs, we believe that René Furterer definitely has something for everyone.