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Placentor Vegetal

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Experts in Phytodermatology

Since 1959, Placentor Végétal has been offering dermatological products made with Plant Placenta, its laboratory's exceptional discovery. The unique complex draws its effectiveness from essential nutrients of fresh buds, and is a key active ingredient in all of Placentor Vegetal's products.

The main benefits of plant placenta are its ability to be tolerated by all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, and its extraordinary regenerative powers. Clinical tests have proven that skin care products containing plant placenta have an amazing repairing effect on the skin after just 2 days of use.

Discover Placentor Vegetal's cult products and experience real professional treatments in your own home.

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Placentor Vegetal's History

In the 1950s, human placenta was the subject of several studies carried out in the dermatology department of a hospital in Lyon, France. At this time, placenta was used in a topical cream to regenerate and repair the skin of serious burns victims. In 1991, Dr Bernard Guillot, a renowned hospital pharmacist and passionate botanist, conducted extensive research to uncover Nature’s equivalent of human placenta. His work focused on gemmotherapy, a form of medicine based on the use of fresh buds and eventually led to the discovery of plant placenta – a plant substance with exceptional benefits for the skin.


What is Plant Placenta?

PlacentaLocated under the pistil of young plants, the function of the plant placenta is to feed the plants with nutrients as it grows. It contains essential nutrients such as amino acids, peptides (ingredients needed to regenerate the skin) and mineral salts without the risky hormones present in human and animal placenta. Studies have shown that skin cells stimulated in the presence of plant placenta led to an increase in the cell’s oxygen consumption and boosted protein synthesis in the body. Plant placenta’s high proline/hydroxyproline content, in particular, plays a major role in synthesising collagen and elastin, repairing skin in just 3 days.

Placentor Vegetal uses placenta extracted from birch trees and boasts several skin regenerating benefits, including preventing and reducing fine lines, wrinkles and scars, improvement in the elasticity of the skin, and increasing oxygen levels in the skin.

Placentor Vegetal's formulas are developed by pharmacists in line with a strict protocol. Preference is given to natural active ingredients recognised in dermatology and their skin care products undergo clinical assessment to ensure tolerance and effectiveness. The brand has been developed according to the principal of eco-design, and they are committed to a sustainable development approach at all stages of manufacture of the product, from its design right through to being put on the market.




Placentor Vegetal's Bestsellers

One of its star products is the Placentime Intimate Hygiene. It is soap-free, fragrance-free and tested under gynaecological control. It is essential to use a specific soap-free product with a physiological pH so as not to disturb the natural balance, which increases the risk of developing infections and thrush. This product includes organic Chamomile floral water which cleans and softens skin and lactic acid to maintain the physiological pH balance of the natural flora in our intimate area.

Another bestselling product is the Placentor Vegetal Regenerating Serum, which contains a concentrated dose of plant placenta to regenerate skin and since plant placenta contains very high proline/hydroxyproline, an amino acid pair which plays a major role in the collagen synthesis process, this serum improves skin’s elasticity and firmness while preventing wrinkles and fine lines from appearing. It also contains marine collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated and supple. This product is a staple for many women looking for anti-ageing benefits that come from natural active ingredients.

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