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The Soul of Botany

Since 1966, Klorane has been working on safe botanical treatments with scientifically proven efficacy.  Their team of ethnobotanists, agronomists and pharmacists are passionate about exploring the world of plants to select and extract the most suitable plant species and their active ingredients to address the consumer’s specific needs for their hair and skin.

Klorane believes in a more responsible world and acts every day, through simple and concrete actions, to create more respectful products for the benefit of all. In addition to their biodegradable formula, they also use plant-based active ingredients and eco-friendly packaging materials.

This is the soul of botany -- knowing how to choose a long-established plant and borrow from traditional routines to create modern products. Click below to explore all of Klorane's products suited for your hair and scalp needs.

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Klorane's History

lavender girlKlorane began in the Southwest of France, in 1965, where Pierre Fabre, driven by his passion for plants and his belief in their health and beauty benefits, created the brand and the concept of “pure botanical care” was born. Klorane’s founding product, Chamomile Shampoo for blonde hair, set the tone for future inspiration: To create innovative products based on a simple concept – One concern, One plant, One benefit.

In 1971, Klorane developed the 1st dry shampoo in the market with the intention that new mothers in Hospitals who’d just given birth would find them useful and convenient. Now, Klorane has become the most awarded Dry shampoo ever. Even visionary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld revealed, in 2004, that Klorane’s Dry Shampoo was his secret to maintaining his iconic snowy white locks! With the popularity of the Oat Milk Dry Shampoo, Klorane launched the popular Oat Milk Shampoo in 1980 and it was an instant hit.


Klorane's Commitment to Nature

In 1994, the Klorane Institute was created. It is a corporate foundation dedicated to protect, explore and educate people on plant species and biodiversity. The creation of Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise with the aim to control all stages of the manufacturing process, from plant culture to production, in order to ensure quality and consistency batch to batch, was also created.

Klorane is a brand that has been taking inspiration from nature for over 50 years, and is committed to protecting and promoting plant heritage. Faced with the gradual depletion of our Earth’s natural resources, Klorane Laboratories has decided to guide our development plans to limit the impact on the planet. ECOCERT, who recognised our efforts, awarded Klorane the excellence label – the highest level of recognition.


The Great Green Wall Initiative

In 2004, Klorane stepped up to assist 11 African countries who came together to regrow a forest in the Sahel desert. The desert does not expand on its own; it requires land to degrade and become infertile due to climate fluctuations such as drought, and human activity. Intensive deforestation, overgrazing and drilling all play a large role in land degradation.

Project Great Green Wall is now underway with over 70,000 trees planted and over 40,000 hectares of desert re-vegetated. This is land where the desert has retreated and life has returned.

We needed plants that could survive in the extreme conditions of the Sahel, therefore, the desert date tree was chosen. This tree can live for 2 years without water and is resistant to brush fires, thanks to its thick bark, can can live for over 100 years in harsh conditions. It is also useful then people in various way, by providing fruit, fodder, raw materials for construction and craftsmanship. Klorane was involved in planting 70,000 desert date trees: 10,000 per year for over 6 years. We funded 3 doctoral theses on the desert date tree and its impact on humans, health and the environment, and we supported the annual science and medicine summer school in Senegal. The Great Green Wall Initiative was selected by UNESCO Green Citizens as an emblematic example of sustainable development education, one of a handful of projects from all over the world to be showcased.

In 2018, the Budding Botanist Grant Program was created to help the younger generation learn about plants, explore their world and inspire them to take care of the life they discover in their local ecosystem.