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  • NutriLife
  • NutriLife Immune C Vitamin C + Resveratrol (60 tablets)

    • $69.90

    NutriLife Immune C Vitamin C + Resveratrol combines the powerful benefits of vitamin C and resveratrol into a vege-capsule that is GMO-free and gluten-free. Contains vitamins and minerals that are 100% organic, 100% natural and 100% whole foods blends. It has 16 times more potent bioavailabilty than isolated nutrients and is better absorbed by the body. 

    Suitable for vegan and vegetarians. 


    - Vitamin C from whole foods

    - Zinc from whole foods

    - Bioflavonoids from whole foods

    - Superoxide Dismutase, from whole foods, to protect body cells against free radical damage

    - Resveratrol from whole foods


    - Healthy skin and eyes

    - Healthy heart and brain

    - Wound healing support

    - Immune systems support

    - Antioxidant booster





    Vitamin C, Zinc, Bioflavonoids, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Resveratrol.

    Take 1-2 capsules every morning before breakfast with a glass of water. 


    Follow directions for use. Keep out of reach of infants. To be used alongside a well-balanced food diet and a healthy way of life. 

    Store in a cool place, away from light and moisture. Best to be kept in refrigerator. 

    For pregnant and nursing mothers, please consult doctor before use. 

    The product is not a drug but a food supplement.

    Free from binders, heat and pressure processes. 100% vegan and vegetarian. Free from GMO, allergens, wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, colouring, flavouring and preservatives.