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Body Beauty, A Natural Science

Elancyl has been a leading pioneer in slimming and body care for the last 40 years.  By combining nature and science in the search for a beautiful body, Elancyl has developed innovative products based on plant-based active ingredients which respect the natural beauty of the body, while ensuring safety and efficacy.

Elancyl offers a full catalogue of body care products in the following:

  • Slimming & anti-cellulite care;
  • Body firming and toning care;
  • Stretch mark prevention and correction

Elancyl’s products are developed to respect the body’s natural chronobiology where fats are removed in the morning and accumulated in the evening.  Elancyl’s active ingredients are therefore released at the optimal time of the day to reinforce the body’s natural slimming phenomena for greater product efficacy.

For individuals looking to achieve a smoother, firmer silhouette, Elancyl is for you.

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Elancyl ModelElancyl's History and Milestones

Elancyl launched its first anti-cellulite range with the Anti-Cellulite Soap, cream and gel as well as a glove for massaging purposes. They were one of the first anti-cellulite experts that started using caffeine in 1978 with the launch of our Bi-Active Anti-Cellulite Cream. A breakthrough was achieved in 1987 when they launched a slimming gel with micro-particles in suspension with caffeine, Vitamin E, ivy and ruscus.

With continued innovation, Elancyl's effective formulas have won several awards in different countries. For example, Elancyl’s Slim Design 2-in-1 Firming Oil won a 2017 Elle Beauty Award in South Africa, Toning Shower Gel won the Best Body Wash from Harper’s Bazaar Bazaar Beauty Awards 2018 in Singapore.

In 2016, Elancyl enhanced its brand image and became Elancyl Laboratoire. After 10 years of research, Elancyl Laboratoire sheds new light on cellulite care with the launch of Slim Design with [Caffeine Complex] 3D – the first anti-dimpling complex able to target cellulite in three dimensions.

Elancyl's Research and Ingredients

Ivy ExtractElancyl Laboratoire places a lot of emphasis on research on active ingredients. After 10 years of research, they created Caffeine Complex 3D – a unique complex of de-hardening ingredients. It is a combination of exceptional ingredients with proven efficacy: ivy, caffeine, and for the first time, a unique botanical ingredient, Salacia, which acts directly on the hardening of connective tissue – one of the main causes of the “orange peel” appearance. Cecropia + Caffeine is another duo of ingredients used to transform fat cells into free fatty acids, a form of which they can be released from storage and used by the body.

Ivy, Elancyl’s long-standing ingredient, improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin whilst acting on the quality of collagen by slowing glycation of the fibres, a phenomenon originating in the hardening of tissues. Boosted by the action of massage, ivy extract promotes the elimination of toxins.


Elancyl's Bestsellers

Other than the award-winning Toning Shower Gel and Slim Design 2-in-1 Firming Oil, the Elancyl Slim Design cream has garnered praise among customers for its active ingredients which combats the 3 dimensions of cellulite. The Stretch Mark Prevention Cream is a popular product among expectant mothers as it helps prevent and reduce the look of new stretch marks with 86% visible perceived efficacy on pregnant women. It is completely safe and paraben-free, and features Safflower Oil as well as nourishing and repairing Vitamin E in its formula.