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Rhealba Oat, The Soul of A-Derma

A-Derma, founded in 1982, is a pioneer in the field of plant-based dermatology which aims to treat and protect fragile skin using the dermatological properties of plants.

At the heart of A-Derma products is an exclusive plant-based active ingredient known as the Rhealba Oat which is cultivated in southwest France.  The Rhealba Oat is exceptionally rich in anti-inflammatory, repairing and moisturising actives, and has been specially selected for its dermatological attributes of rebalancing, soothing and repairing fragile skin.

For individuals suffering from sensitive, fragile and atopic skin, A-Derma skin care is highly recommended.

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History of A-Derma

A-Derma is a plant-based dermatology brand that formulates naturally nurturing cleanser and skin care products using Rhealba Oat - a natural active ingredient selected out of 26,000 oat varieties worldwide. It is considered the purest oat, chosen for its unrivalled properties to care for fragile skin. It is soothing, anti-irritating, repairing and hydrating.

Originated and 100% produced in the Tarn region of Southwest France, and backed by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, A-Derma has been committed to protecting and caring for fragile skin at every stage in life, from infants to adults, for over 30 years. Today, it is one of the only plant-based dermo-cosmetics brand in Singapore.


At Puylaurens, in the heart of the Tarn regions, nestles Terre d-Avouine (The Land of Oats) - the birth place of the A-Derma brand. It is a fortified town dating from 1640 and is surrounded by fields of Rhealba Oat. Rhealba Oat plants are grown without the use of fertilisers, pesticides and GMOs. It is produced under thoroughly meticulous and controlled conditions, from the crops to the finished product. The oat plantlets reach their maximum concentration of active molecules after 12 weeks, and the teams have a maximum of 7 days to harvest the crops. 15 tons of oats are harvested for every hectare, which represents 100kg of active ingredients. It must be performed quickly, since Rhealba Oat Plantlets cannot withstand more than 1 hour in transit. They are transported by truck to the drying site which is a mere 20 minutes away. Grounded and dried in a controlled and protective environment, the plantlets pass through an extractor containing solvents. Once heated and mixed, a pomace is produced which is the source of active ingredients. The proteins that would irritate reactive skin are removed at this precise moment from the Rhealba Oat plantlet extract. They are then mixed with other ingredients and placed in sterile tanks to avoid contamination.

A-Derma's Bestsellers

The star products from A-Derma belong to the EXOMEGA Control range. These products are made specifically for atopic skin. The Emollient Cleansing Gel Hair and Body 2-in-1 is a convenient product for both mothers and children who suffer from atopy-prone skin. This product cleanses, soothes and protects atopy-prone skin and scalp of infants and children. It is soap-free, with a physiological pH and does not sting eyes. It is tested under ophthalmological, dermatological and paediatric control.

The EXOMEGA Control Emollient Cream is A-Derma's flagship product throughout the world. It soothes all dry, atopy-prone skin starting from birth. It is natural and fragrance-free, and has a rich texture to deeply moisturise and soothe. For those who prefer a lighter texture, the EXOMEGA Control range also provides a fluid for lightweight texture with the same soothing abilities and benefits.

Trust the soothing properties of Rhealba Oat and A-Derma for you and your family’s fragile skin needs today!